Tuesday, October 7, 2008


What is LIFE?
Walking through each day, a machine in a larger operation
A cog in the grand watch of time
A drone of the must and have to
Addictions among the sane and unpopular
Ignoring inhibitions, pretending its all okay
Ignorant of the truth and the reality
Denying the problem and the solution

When is LIFE not LIFE?
When did we stop trusting?
Why do we lie about ourselves?

What have we done with our lives?
What have we become, so separated and alone
Inter-dependant, yet separated
Close, yet distant
Talking, yet lacking social interaction

What is the truth about LIFE?
L.I.F.E. is Living In Fear of Existence.
Living live in fear of tomorrow
Ignoring the present, regretting the past
Always worried about what might and not what is
Always forgetting one self and obsessing about others
Lacking understanding of the world in front of them

Is it too late to LIVE?
Have we passed on, is there no turning back?
Have we wasted our time ignoring time?
Have we lost our youth, being grown up?
Have we lost joy, in pursuit of money?
Is happiness reachable with unhappiness?
Can we trust each other again?

L.I.F.E isn't just living in fear of existence.
Life is yours and mine
Life is joy and pain
Life is greed, and happiness
Life is job and free time
Life is addiction
Life is time, and out of time
Life is now and then
Life is before and after
L.I.F.E. is Living in Full Effect.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Piece by piece
Day by day
Breath by breath
You win

Moment to moment
Action to action
Reward to punishment
You win

Dark for light
Good for evil
Hope for despair
You win

You are not me
I am not you
I compromise for you
I give for you
You win, I am alone

Reward for others
Abyss for you
Time in your hand
A minute an eternity
Goodness towards others
Loneliness for yourself

Happiness in good
Satisfaction in deeds done
Toll paid, bed made
Life saved, Hope restored
Peace in others, sadness within

Friday, October 12, 2007


Running, walking, looking, waiting
Listening, worrying, calling, fainting
Hoping, praying, thinking, making
Crying, screaming, kicking, biting

I run so far, and get so little
I walk so long, and barely move
I pray each day, and nothing changes
I press the gas, and hit the wall

Crying each night, looking for change
Screaming for help, without an answer
Kicking my way through life as is
Hoping that someone might help

I listen to others, i listen to all
I worry about others, for me? none at all
I run, I look, I hurry, I pass
Right through life, hitting the gas

No breaks, no help
No time, no game
I'm missing my youth, the fun, the gain
I'm missing my life, through money and pain

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Edge of Time

Walking through the edge of time
Looking as I pass the crime
Committed to those without peace
Folding my life like a crease

Hoping for a change in things
Looking down, at my many rings
What controls our lives to be
Why must we go forward and not see

Why so much sorrow and despair
Isn't time just a creature, just as rare
Isn't time just a friend
With you until the end

I'm looking now, realizing the pain
Feeling it sharp, without a gain
Pushed to the edge, without a rope
Pushed to the edge of time, without a hope

Now is the time to make the leap
Now is the time to trust the keep
Now is the time to feel the thrill
Before time makes the kill

I embrace the changing wind, as i fall
Realizing that before i win, i must crawl
You push me to the edge
The edge of time

Monday, June 25, 2007

Forever Lost, Never Forgotten

Walking in, new and meek
Walking through the strong and weak
I meet a friend, we share a laugh
Then I feel, the seniors wrath

I come back daily, into the cave
I'm told to work tall, to walk brave
I try and I fail, the price i now pay
Others watch, nothing to say

I cant understand, why nobody will pray
Why everyone pretends that's its all okay
Each day i grow harder, farther from nice
Knowing each day that i must pay the price

I give up the hope, that things will change
I let it happen from pupils, seeing no change
The teachers don't trust me, the parents don't listen
Cause who ever listens to a child, of no position

I stick up for the next prey, the one they seek
Another me, coming forward meek
I pay again, the price of protection
I look at the world, but an infection

I walk out the doors into a world so big
I want to hide in a hole, and just dig
I walk through the forest, the maze of life
I walk all alone, taking on the strife

I look on others who share my pain
I feel their loath, their need for gain
I hurt even more, to see them suffer
I want nothing more, then to make them tougher

I find myself lost, while helping them around
I find myself missing, while others are found
I bring up the hurt, the weak and the wary
I fall further into the dark and scary.

I know now through years of pain
That I am forever Lost, forever maim
I look at the strong, who were once weak
They have never forgotten, the one who was meek

I go through each day, wondering why
I look at my scares, and into the sky
I cry for the others, i know are scared
I scream into the darkness, to be prepared

I reach out to help, the others in pain
I cant seem to reach, my being remained
Hidden in the world, so large and cruel
But somewhere deep inside, is someone cool

They know who I am, they know who i was
They know I why I helped, they know it was cause
They cared enough, to say a small prayer
Forever Lost, Never forgotten

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wrapped inside a shell
My being suppressed
In a place of darkness
Pain overwhelming

I feel like scream inside for help
deafened by the return of nothing
Sorrow, despair, defeat

In my soul, my heart, I hurt
My cries heard, my pain felt
My time has come, to be free

Pulled from the darkness, into the light
Lead the way home, and I will follow
My path lay in front me, chosen

Free at last, in the light
Filling the void, embracing life
So far from home, so close to heart

Escape from the darkness
Escape from the pain
Escape from the shell
Escape from the mask
Escape into the truth

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Life of A Boy

Each day he went to school
Nobody thought he was cool
He did his work and had no play
Than he went to work and made his pay
He was a boy that followed the rule

He was teased and laughed at
They all used him as a door mat
He had no friend
Wounds that won't mend
Yet he just sat

As time went on he got older
Pretty soon he became bolder
The people who laughed got pay
But he earned twice as much in one day
They worked with food and he had a folder

He thought his life was nothing
No friends, no fun, "something?"
He hated himself, He had no might
But someone came up and told him to fight
He did, And Won...This was the life of a boy

Found this old poem that i wrote when i was about 14/15